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She wakes up every morning with thoughts in her head “Am I beautiful enough?” “Do I know everything I should know?” “Am I studying enough?” “Am I cool?” “Do my friends think I am cool?” “What will I be?” “Will I pass my exams?” “Nobody gets me!” …………..

These thoughts if not guided can lead to unhealthy self esteem with future dire consequences. The teenage female today must contend with forces that virtually ensure damage to her sense of worth. She must be thin, bordering on anorexic. She must be pretty. She must spend hours on make-up and clothes selection. And she must be popular, even if it means using drugs, having sex and playing dumb. She is drowning in information available at her finger tip, without WISDOM on how to sift what is healthy for her. These struggles begin to chip at her self esteem which will manifest in poor performance in school and loss of interest in life. Something needs to change.

Princess Princessa program is nestled under the Alabastron Network Trust whose mission is to equip women to live significantly.

By finding the new cool the Princess Princessa will be empowered to be distinct at home, school and with friends.


She will be equipped on THE SEVEN LIFE DEFINING CHOICES© Click here to read more

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