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She wakes up every morning with thoughts in her head “Am I beautiful enough?” “Do I know everything I should know?” “Am I studying enough?” “Am I cool?” “Do my friends think I am cool?” “What will I be?” “Will I pass my exams?” “Nobody gets me!”…………..

The out of town camp is designed to get the Princess Princessa to gain an indepth understanding on one of the 7 LIFE DEFINING CHOICES© which are part of the princess princessa 5 day program

Girls New Cool Confident, Focused, Beautiful & Fun!

Why The Princess Princessa Focus Camp?

1. It’s fun!
It’s tailored to the needs of the Princess Princessa and learning is through a combination of physical and explorational activities.

2. It’s safe and nurturing!
The guides responsible for the girls are trained and caring. It’s also an opportunity for the girl to explore their interests and find new ones away from the rush of media and in a safe environment.

3. It Reconnects old friends and makes new friends!
The Princess Princessa will get to meet Alumni and girls who have come together to get focused.

4. It’s growth!
By focusing on the truth about one of the 7 LIFE DEFINING CHOICES© she gets new perspective and insight on how to live as a Confient, Focused, Beautiful & Fun girl in regard to making this choice.

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Calendar of Events

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July, 2016 , 3 Days out of town

Dating, Sexuality & Sex

Focus: Dating, Sexuality & Sex  

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December, 2016 , 3 Days out of town

My Walk & Self Esteem

Focus: My Walk & Self Esteem  

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December 2017 , 3 Days out of town

Healthy Boundaries & Life Discipline

Focus: Healthy Boundaries & Life Discipline  

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August 2017 , 3 Days out of town

My Values & Value Based Friendships

Focus: My Values & Value Based Friendships  


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